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We all know the new Fast and Furious X is going to be insane. The new featured song "Angel" will be on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack along with a bunch of other jams. The music video is out now and features some pretty amazing artists including NLE ChoppaKodak BlackJimin of BTS, JVKE, & Muni Long. What a collab! 

Watch the video HERE! 

We were lucky enough to be a part of some of the fashion decisions made for the amazing singer and songwriter Muni Long. Long's Stylist Hanna Isaksson has worked with us before and is a trusted customer. This time she came to us with a task. She brought us her own jewelry pieces (below) that she wanted us to use to make something new out of! She showed us the outfits that Long would be wearing and then let us decide the rest. She knows we are the jewelry masters and can make every jewelry dream come true.

Issakson gave us a lot of freedom with this project, which is always a pleasure. Usually we are the ones who make the entire product from scratch. This time we already had a piece of inspiration to start with. Long's outfit was also a very important piece to the puzzle to keep everything harmonious. This is what we came up with! 

The gold watches were turned into a sick drop-chain belt, and a modern day twist of the pocket watch. All the gold pieces were featured on Muni in the music video for "Angel." 



The blue bedazzled talon pendant however, was featured at the Lovers and Friends Music Festival. Muni was performing along side none other than Usher himself. Here's the photos to prove it! 

All in all this was an amazing experience working with Hanna. We are so glad to be able to collaborate on such creative projects and make clients happy at the same time. 

Are you a stylist? Do you have any specific jewelry needs? If you do, you've come to the right place! There is no jewelry emergency we can't fix. Shoot us an email if you are in the mood to create. 

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