Pocket Chain on the Brain Super Bowl 2023

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This years Super Bowl Halftime Performance was everything we wanted and more. We All Found Love while Rihanna rocked out to "Only Girl in the World" and "Umbrella" during the show. There were FourFive Seconds before everyone gasped at her baby bump reveal, we Love the Way You Lie when you say these back up dancer memes aren't funny. It's time to start talking about the real stars of the show though...no not the football players... the jewelry! 


What's my name?! R(i)hianna! Fate stepped in when our VidaKush founder, Rhianna Copper got to design the accessories for superstar Rihanna's back up dancers. This is definitely What We Came For. It was no little project and no little stage. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world with about 150 million eyes on the show worldwide. That's a lot of people to impress and by the looks of the internet after the show it was Too Good. TikTok and Instagram blew up with viral dance videos of people copying the dancers, and their marshmallow-looking costumes. It caused some Disturbia in our office when we found some people were Unfaithful when they didn't have their Rude Boy Pocket Chain on. It's okay, we still Don't Stop the Music.  


Good thing for you, these pocket chains are available on our website! Now you  can Pon de Replay all you want. Tell all your friends who made tiktok's, Bitch Better have their Money to get a pocket chain themselves before we get some Wild Thoughts. Or just Live your Life and make your everyday fit a little bit cooler. 

Our creative bestie, Ann-Marie was also involved in this insane project, styling all 80 backup dancers and getting everything approved by the "Diamonds" singer herself. Ann came to our office a couple times to try out materials and test them on the dancers before committing to a piece that worked best with all their Hard moves. Lots of Work, work, work, work, work WORK went into this project and now we can finally Shut Up and Drive home. We are more than delighted with the turn out and appreciation we received from everyone so Please Don't Stop the Music and it is time for us to Take a Bow.  

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