About Us

Our Mission

At VidaKush, we passionately craft a diverse range of jewelry and accessories, fusing classic staples with novel fashions. Designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California, our creations embrace inclusivity and provide a platform for self-expression through style. We invite everyone to join us on a journey of individuality and empower themselves through our unique pieces.

Our Products

Made with a variety of imported materials, our jewelry and accessories are assembled by hand in our studio by a small team of crafters. Created with materials plated in 18k gold, sterling silver, or solid stainless steel, our jewelry is made to last.

Our Guarantee

Jewelry is delicate but we love to wear it day in and day out! Our jewelry is made with high quality materials that are water and tarnish resistant. Jewelry can still be vulnerable with extensive wear and some pieces may lose their luster or coating after an extended period. If your jewelry becomes dull, discolored or damaged, send it back and we'll repair it under our 2-year warranty.

Our Founder

Rhianna Cooper began her journey with VidaKush in 2011 on the Venice Beach Boardwalk where many of the original pieces were designed and sold. She strives to create items that are fashionable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, pulling influence from her Indian culture and the melting pot that is her hometown, Los Angeles.