Three Strikes with Bea! Bea Miller collaboration for three latest music videos

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From starting at age 13 on the X Factor stage, Bea Miller has definitely made a name for herself and we are here for it! Within the last three months, Miller has released three new singles with three corresponding music videos. All good things come in threes, am I right? Jinju Lee who is Miller's stylist, is our founder Rhianna Coopers good friend, so of course VidaKush got to be featured in all three videos!


Screenshot from "cynical"

Screenshot from "jealous of my friends"

Screenshot from "this call is coming from inside the house"


Here is a quick guide to get her looks from the videos from the music video "Cynical." You can start your stack with these staple pieces. The Big Love Pearl Necklace always looks fire, along with our Pearl Dragon Medallion Necklace and finish it off with one of your favorite cross necklaces. Here are some suggestions, Large Crystal Cross Necklace, Cubic Cross Rosary Necklace for some zazz or the Pearl Royal Cross Necklace. If any of those don't fit your liking heres a quick link to see all our other cross items!

We love when people get creative and innovate new ways to wear our pieces. In this photo she took our Rectangle Prism Belly Chain and made it a glamorous long neck piece. We love this retro vintage vibe and it would be a great Halloween are welcome!

Don't forget your fingers! No look is complete with the subtle touch of a ring. Here Bea is wearing our striking Antique Cross Knuckle Ring

Thanks so much for coming to us for the best accessory advice on the internet. We pride ourselves in being close with our customers and keeping them in the loop of all jewelry secrets. Our website is the place to be and we are glad you're here!

Thank you to our dear friend Jinju Lee for thinking of us for these looks. They were killer!

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