VidaKush Gift Guide! Part 2

Posted by Felicia Fowlkes on

Netflix: DUHHH-DOOMMM!!!!!!!!!


Retrograde is over, you’ve been breezing through your Christmas shopping list, your boss let you leave work early and now you’re sitting on the couch enjoying a holiday rom-com and drinking a spiked hot chocolate, life is good!


As you watch the plot unfold you notice a theme that’s pretty common in these kinds of movies, opposites attract. Quiet guy falls in love with the wild, overbearing girl or vice versa.  Just like that you’re thinking of the two opposites on your list, Needy Natasha and the ganja goddess herself Mary Jane. One is totally chill and the other is constantly in a state of frenzy.


And, BOOM! you’ve fallen down an amazon worm whole searching random words like "sensitive" and "smoker" hoping something other than coffee mugs and socks pop up, but no worries your Kushmas fairy godmother is here to ease your stress. *Passes blunt*


Without further ado bippity boopity bop ✨




Stoner friends say the darndest things....... 

“I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this, but i'ma get you high today, cuz it’s Friday you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got shit to do” -Smokey.


1. Kush Ring $44 - Vidakush


If we all blinked at the same time would anyone notice?

2. Rose Gold Elite Vape Pen $60 -


I don’t always do math, but when i do I’m usually buying weed.

3. Chain Smoker Choker $61 - VidaKush

If laughter is the best medicine and marijuana makes you laugh, is marijuana the best medicine?

4. Smoke Session Pallet  $48 -

The lower the eyes the better you can admire my cut crease. Enjoy 8 dank shades in matte and metallic.

5. Luxury Rolling Papers $12(2Pack) -

Luxury rolling papers offers a multitude of different designs and styles of rolling paper.


Choose wisely, because this decision could either break or bake your next smoke session.



You might hate to admit it but sometimes you miss their phone calls on purpose, and when they talk you just smile and nod while secretly wishing to punch them in the face. Never the less you love your needy mess of friend and wanna get them the perfect gift.


1. Sensitive Nameplate $60 - VidaKush

Sometimes the obvious choice isn’t always the right choice,, in this case however it’s the perfect one.


2. Chakra Necklace $65 - Vidakush


Does your friend suffer from crying, complaining and clinginess? If so they may have a blocked chakra. Go to and for only $65.00 plus shipping, your friend can be on their way to having less dependent relationships with others.




3. Drake Crying Meme Throw Blanket $60 - Society 6


Drake is the Poster child for extreme emotional attachment.

4. Echo Dot  $25 -


“Alexa tell me I’m pretty” - Needy Natasha

 5. Mobile Massage $Prices Vary -


A whole day all about my personal comfort! What more can a needy girl ask for.


Two more friends checked off the list and all before midnight, now if you could only figure out a way to train your dog to wrap all of these gifts for you.


Netflix: Are you still watching?

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  • Bippity boppity bop! She’s done did it again! This read is always helpful and makes me LOL with the accuracy!! Does that mean that Miss Fowlkes writing is the best medicine next to Mary Jane?! 😍✍🏾🔥

    Kat R. on

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