Sensitive Nameplate Choker

Product image 1Sensitive Nameplate Choker
Product image 2Sensitive Nameplate Choker
Product image 3Sensitive Nameplate Choker
Product image 4Sensitive Nameplate Choker
Product image 5Sensitive Nameplate Choker
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Highly sensitive individuals are very responsive to minor changes in their environment- they pick up things in their environment that other people largely miss or ignore- this is impart due to underlying different in their genetic makeup.

4 characteristics demonstrated in highly sensitive people are. Depth of processing, overstimulation, strong emotions and empathy, and sensitivity to subtleties.
These characteristics from the eyes of non sensitive individuals is labeled as “afraid, or shy or quiet” when in reality- HSI (highly sensitive individuals) are observing and feeling all of the energy in the environment. Having those labels glued to us when they may not really apply to our experience.

Shyness is the fear of social evaluation and its often been mixed up with sensitivity because lots of sensitive people can become shy because they’re minority and therefore people often treat them a little differently because maybe they’re overstimulated when they show up at a party and they don’t have anything to say.

*Available in 18K gold plating and sterling silver over bronze

**13-15" adjustable choker

VidaKush x Marilyn Rondón Collab

Check out more of Marilyn's work here: @intellectualchica

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