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Everyone: VidaKush had the best gift guide of 2018


VIDAKUSH: That's right Big Drako! Twas our handpicked gifts that filled the stockings of homes across the world last year and now we're back at it again.  This time we are taking you on a romantic river ride through the tunnel of love to find the perfect gift for your other half, best friend or even yourself.


Bougie Bae

Overdressing, showing up late, milk products that come from any place but cows, throwing shade, brunch, jewelry and a bae with a high credit limit these are a few of their favorite things.   If she knows nothing at all she knows her worth and receiving anything less this Valentine’s day is out of the question. Have any of these items gift-wrapped with a side of roses, chocolate and a steak dinner to avoid the pain of Louboutin footprints on your heart.

 1.) Loeffler Randall Women's Maria Beaded Heart Tote - $250.00


2.) Red With Envy Choker - $69.00


3.) In Control Feather Heels - $29.99

4.) Snowball Pearl Choker - $63.00


5.) Rose Gold Champagne Flutes - $35.00


Stoner Bae

Your hands touched while passing the joint and sparks flew, in that moment your whole lives together flashed before your eyes and you knew, you’d met the one. She knows your favorite strain, always pulls up with snacks (although she might eat them all, it’s the thought that counts) and makes you laugh.  Remind her that its not just the weed, its her love that keeps you high.

1.) Hearts on fire necklace - $73.00


 2.) Natural Arousal Lube with CBD & Kava - $43.00



 3.) Oak Valentines Day Rolling Tray - $28.00

 4.) Red Hot Mary Jane Gang Robe- $130.00

5.) The Smoking Love Choker - $63.00

Woke Bae

Be anything other than tolerant and you’re bound to be met with a dissertation level clap back from your bae before you’ve even had breakfast.  She’s smart, passionate and loves harder than anyone you’ve ever known.  Show her with one of these gifts that choking on the smell of sage after she’s had a bad day is all worth it just to see her smile.

1.) Heart of Gold Necklace - $59.00


2.) BELOVED | Valentines Day Aromatherapy Set - $150.00


3.) XOXO Succulents by Lulas Gardens VALENTINE'S JEWEL - $42.00



4.) Feelings Nameplate - $45.00


5.) 'What is Not Yours Is Not Yours' by Helen Oyeyemi - $15.00


As we bring our love train to an end, we want to take the time out to let you know how much we love and appreciate your continued support. 

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