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 In your heart i found

Friendship, laughter, solitude

Joy, darkness, traumas, hope,

Light and the one place i felt like i belonged




The quiet moments we share define us

Me with my book

And you with your music



The word love seems empty

In comparison to how full my heart is

Full of joy

Full of peace

Full of you




You are love in its purest form

Untainted untouched unafraid and beautiful




Love is like watching the same episode of Friends on repeat

                                Painfully pleasant.







           Our love is so big it’s become our identifier.





Some things are and have always been

 Like e after i

there’s nothing after u

  Before there was us

There was an us

   I was the tree and you were my leaves

You were the stars and i was your sky

    Some things are and have always been

Like bows after rain

      You are my gold at the end




February 14th. 11:40pm

One shot for every love lost!


February 15th. 9:17am

Does anyone have Tylenol?




Love is 2am Taco runs,

Sitting in 405 traffic just to see you,

Sharing my Netflix password,

Different conversations on IG, text, snap and twitter,

Hogging all the covers,

Robot dance battles

Love is friendship




In love time is a myth

One second feels like forever

And forever feels like a glimpse

I’ve waited an entirety for you

And yet you’ve never run late



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