Two Music Videos that Rule MOSTLY Because We're in Them

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Back in Spring we were thrilled to open an email informing us NAV and the Weekend were shooting a new music video. They were in need of the coolest of cool and the hippest of hip jewelry in Los Angeles, so obviously we were there to provide. They requested all of our new items to be sent out on the double.

While the 'music video' is more of an in-genuine behind the scenes take of models dancing and hanging out at a photoshoot, all the models did do an awesome job of showcasing pretty much everything we had sent! Take a look at the video, and all the items clearly featured will be listed at the bottom. 


8 Ball Choker


O Cuff Choker


Stunning Rose Choker




Queen Choker


Kyoto Choker


Ball Chain Choker


Ring Earrings


Around the same time our VK designer Rhi Cooper was asked to style a Kyle and Lil Yachty video. While the bobble head boyz are suppose to be the stars of the video, our jewelry definitely got a time to shine. See if you can SPY any of our pieces in the next video! All featured pieces are pictured below.



Chain Skirt


Little Mermaid Choker


Moon Stone Turquoise Crown



Chola Belly Chain


Tokyo Choker


Snowball Choker


Thick Tinkerbell Body Harness


Chain Mail Choker


3 Vices Necklace


Love Train Choker


La Bella Rosa Rosary


While these weren't the best crafted or most visually striking music videos of all time, their merit is high thanks to our incredible jewelry. 


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