Halsey's Strangers Video places VidaKush on Vamps


Halsey’s video “Strangers” puts Angels and Demons into a boxing match for love. Even with a rivalry starting at the beginning of time, Hasley’s otherworldly friends have something in common-  a love for #Vidakush. Throughout the video a cut-throat energy escapes from images of the demons who rush to the match in blood red leather and thick gold chains. While the demons rendezvous, the angels are busy serving regal looks in all white, flowy fits and dainty body chains.      

Halsey's team requested custom pieces for this vision but many are dupes for our most popular pieces! Here you can see the vampresse (vampire princess') on the left dripping in the seductive Vixen Vault Choker,  Ornate Cross Earrings, and the chunky Tokyo Choker

The vampresse standing tall to Halsey's right is dawning a fresh golden Rose Charm Chain Necklace paired with the tight Plain Leather Body Harness and shape giving No Utility Sash, her look is bewitching yet beautiful. 

Halsey's alter-ego, Luna, has a lot coming as her ex-lover, Rosa, saunters towards the boxing rink whilst shadowed by her enchanting angels. What really draws the light towards these angels is the reflective nature of our fiercely dainty Plain Arm Chain

Ultimately, you have to watch the video to see who's love has more bite  because there are NO SPOILERS HERE. But in the meantime shop either the irresistible vampiric or intimidating angelic looks to choose your side. Comment your team below!

Other featured pieces: 

Large U Shaped Wire Glasses

Sangre Kunoichi Mask

Guadalupe Pendant 


Author: Eliette Singleton

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