Bia Rocks VidaKush in Her Latest Galore Interview

Posted by Kathleen O'Heron on

We went absolutely crazy seeing Bia in VidaKush in her most recent interview with Galore. We all got to learn a little more about up and coming rapper in last months issue where she spoke about touring with Ariana Grande and how her Latina roots stays present in her music, you can read the full article here.


Bia stunts in the Muerta Nameplate Choker 


Muerta Nameplate Choker

The Double Dare Chain Mail Belt made a cute appearance 

The Double Dare Chain Belt


Bia wears the La Bella Rosa Ring and Miami Vice Choker

La Bella Rosa Ring

Miami Vice Choker


Photography: Nikko Lamere

Styling: Alexandra Mandelkorn

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