Let’s talk Fashion...NYFW SS 2019 to be exact. Now...I know I am not the only one who drools over their phone when watching all the live coverage. There are obviously a plethora of shows going on all week in New York, but there are some that in particular stood out to me. I have personally noticed that this particular fashion week is overall more inclusive... when it comes to fashion, gender, and overall body acceptance. The most eye catching & inclusive show we have seen so far has to be Gypsy Sport. 

Gypsy Sport is designed by Rio Uribe. His new collection is meant embody and honor Mother Nature. His show opened with a vision of planet Earth printed on a pair of salvaged Levi’s. The models came down the runway with palm leaves sprouting from their hair and sea shells dangling from their wrists. It is hard to deny that fashion is one of the lead causes in the worlds pollution, this is why Uribe has designed his collection this way. Uribe’s collection was around 99% made from repurposed and sustainable materials. 



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