Bea is Back! This time on the 'Women in Music' Billboard carpet!

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B is for Billboard... and Bea Miller!

Today, we have an exciting news in world of music and style. It's all about the incredibly talented Bea Miller, who recently graced the Women in Music Billboard Awards carpet with a look that left jaws dropping and cameras flashing.

It came about thanks to the incredible stylist Jinju, a close friend of the owner of VidaKush. She worked her magic on Bea and created a show-stopping ensemble for her appearance at the prestigious awards ceremony. Held on March 6, 2024, this event was a celebration of female empowerment and musical excellence, although she did not win an award she definitely won our hearts with her carpet look. 

Now, let's talk about the look! Bea radiated confidence and sophistication as she adorned herself with a selection of new pieces from VidaKush's latest collection. From decorative anklets to mix-matched earrings, stacking necklaces and rosaries, to dazzling belly chains. Bea was a vision of modern elegance and edgy glamour. All of the items are listed HERE . Go check out the pieces that went straight to the carpet after being made. 

Jinju, the mastermind behind Bea's flawless fashion, also lent her creative touch to Bea's music videos for her latest album, that also included a couple similar VidaKush pieces. The jewelry selected by Jinju elevated her storytelling to new heights keeping her grungy coquette style alive. Jinju expressed working with Bea was so fun and their collaboration flowed effortlessly. After she graced the red carpet, she took to instagram to show off the after party at In&Out Burger capturing a beautiful shoot of the Pearl Almond Earrings

Here are the rest of the photos from the carpet for your eyes to enjoy. Stay tuned as more fabulous features make there way to the VidaKush blog!



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