VidaKush featured in a movie!! Have you seen Quiz Lady yet!?

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Are you smarter than Quiz Lady?!

Prepare to be amazed! Our jewelry brand, made an exciting debut in the world of Hollywood TV and Film. It was a moment of honor and pride for us, as we were approached by the talented stylist Sasha Noon, a long-standing friend and supporter of our brand, who extended the invitation to collaborate on this unique project.

In the summer of 2022, amidst the creative buzz of August, we were asked to put together a collection worthy of the cinematic stage. We made many options for Sasha to bring on set and use to make the characters come to life. What made this collaboration particularly unique was the request for multiples of each design. The reason? The meticulous attention to detail required for the stunt doubles involved in the film's action-packed sequences. It was a testament to the versatility and durability of our jewelry, shining even amidst the whirlwind of Hollywood excitement.

Fast forward to November 2023, when the much-anticipated film was released on Hulu with its star-studded cast, including the incomparable Awkwafina, Sandra Oh, and the delightful appearance of Will Ferrell. The movie captivated audiences with its humor and charm, and we were humbled to have contributed to its visual splendor. We had pieces from necklaces, rings and even our water bottle holder featured in the film. 

Sandra Oh's character 'Jenny' was someone who wore many VidaKush pieces throughout the film. Top Sandra is wearing the _______. Bottom the Pink Baby Gummy Bear Necklace is featured. 

There were scenes in the film where even the other characters like the Ken sneaked in some jewelry shots of the Lucky 13 Ring and _______

We extend our deepest gratitude to Sasha Noon for her unwavering support and belief in our brand, making this collaboration a reality. And for those eager to relive the magic of the silver screen, fear not! The exquisite pieces showcased in the film are still available within our collections, awaiting their chance to adorn discerning jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.

Above wearing the Ace of Hearts Necklace.

Here's to the fusion of accessories and cinema, a testament to how jewelry can help tell a story and create a character. We hope that as we continue to release our creations, they help you embrace YOUR character to the world and embrace your Quiz Lady! 

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