The Mother has arrived: Reneé Rapp

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Regina....I mean Reneé has entered the building!

Today, we're thrilled to share a tale of serendipity that led to an unforgettable collaboration between VidaKush and the extraordinary singer actress personalty and star, that is Reneé Rapp.

It all began when the talented stylist, Morgan Pinney, graced us with her creative vision and reached out for pieces for Reneé to wear to her TikTok In the Mix Live performance. Held on December 10, 2023, in the vibrant city of Arizona, this event was destined to be a night to remember. Reneé, known for her captivating stage presence and powerhouse vocals, took center stage, and we were honored to play a part in her ensemble.

Reneé exuded confidence in her signature style, with a little help from the 'Crossed Out Necklace' by VidaKush, a piece that perfectly accessorized her look. As she took to the stage, her performance was nothing short of electrifying, leaving the audience craving more. She even posted behind the scenes pics to her insta in the necklace! 

But what truly sets Reneé apart isn't just her incredible talent; it's her infectious personality and unapologetic authenticity that have built such a devoted fandom, including us here at VidaKush. Her witty remarks and unfiltered charm make her a true icon in every sense of the word.

And if you thought her talents were confined to the stage, think again! Reneé recently graced the silver screen in the major motion picture adaptation of "Mean Girls" as the unforgettable character, Regina. It's no surprise that her star continues to rise, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have been a part of her journey, even if just for one dazzling performance.

As Reneé rocked out with our jewelry for the first time, we couldn't help but hope that it's just the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Here's to more moments of collaboration, creativity, and, above all, the unwavering pursuit of individuality and self-expression.

So, to Reneé Rapp, Morgan Pinney, and all other creators out there, may your paths be filled with beauty, brilliance, and the occasional touch of VidaKush sparkle. Until next time, stay stylish!

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