When a Woman Ascends the Stairs: Pinnap X VidaKush

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Japan is our second home!  It's official, we've raided Ikea, grabbed the essentials and we're moving in. On our most recent visit we teamed up with Pinnap to bring you some heat on film 

 @D.ASA_PINNAP & @RHIRHICOOPER (Founder/Designer of VidaKush)




Pink isn't just for princesses and merchandising students trying to win back their ex's.  It's for bad asses too.  Embrace your inner fighter by highlighting the parts of you that are sugar and spice with bursts of pastels and glitter.   

Say it with your Accessories 

Do yourself a favor and give your accessories accessories.  Adding sunglasses chains can bring a new life to your favorite sunnies.  Throw on a statement hair clip and our Crystal Clear Fuchsia Femme earrings and choker and never be misunderstood again.  Repeating yourself is for the birds.    



Life is a beautiful ride

Say no to pollution and let your bike take you where you need to go.  Cruise through the city in style with these red snakeskin pants and over sized button up.  The VidaKush Crystal Tears Glasses wont help with keeping the sun out your eyes but they will light up your face.



Clash of the Gems 

Just like Taylor Swift, matching is overrated.  Gold, Pearls, Silver; who cares.  If you like it, we love it.  Mix up your metals and jewels to create the perfect clash.  

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