Tears Dry On Their Own

Posted by Felicia Fowlkes on

Katy Perry is loved for her honest lyrics and ever-changing style and her newest video “Never Really Over” doesn’t disappoint.  Perry exchanged the high glam 80’s vibe of Witness for a softer more vibrant retro look, and we’re here for it.

“Never Really Over” explores the familiar realm of on again off again relationships with lyrics like....

"I tell myself, tell myself, tell myself, "Draw the line"
And I do, I do
But once in a while, I trip up, and I cross the line
And think of you"

The video is set in a creepy Stepford wife style wellness center and follows Katy Perry as she self loves her way through heartbreak by doing various activities like acupuncture, yoga and even collecting her tears with the help of VidaKush's Crystal Tears Wire Glasses.



If you can get past the sea of pastels and interpretive dancing,  "Never Really Over" is a visual representation of the importance of self care.


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