SPOTTED: Queen Latifah rockin' the Minimal Arrow Wire Glasses

Posted by Kathleen O'Heron on

The 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards were definitely one to remember from all of the well deserved awards being received to the hilarious jokes being thrown at the nominees by host, Tiffany Haddish. While this was all very exciting to watch, the most exciting moment was spotting the MTV awards being kicked off with Queen Latifah rockin' our #VIDAKUSH Minimal Arrow Wire glasses, styled by (@_jannellehill).

During Queen Latifahs appearance in the battle between Tiffany Haddish and T'Challas's right to host the award show, Queen Latifah was absolutely killing her role while noticeably rocking our shades. Queen Latifah appears in the scene when she loudly exclaims "ALL HAIL THE QUEEN", which we couldn't agree with more. Anyone accessorizing with #VIDAKUSH Minimal Arrow Wire glasses deserves to be hailed like the true queen that they are. Queen Latifah then proceeds to call out the fact that her look has been stolen, while ever so fiercely adjusting her glasses. 

All in all, the 2018 MTV Movie and TV awards were hilarious and one to remember, made even more memorable by the legendary Queen Latifah rockin' our Minimal Arrow Wire Glasses during her savage appearance, with a major thanks to (@_jannellehill) for styling her in them. 

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