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Hey #VidaKush babes! Last week was Paris Fashion Week and I couldn't help but to notice the amazing Menswear debuting on the runway. One show in particular stood out to me the most, and that was Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2019. This year Virgil Abloh was the creative director of this season, an was not playing any games! I'm going to choose 5 of the hottest looks from the mens show to pair up some #VidaKush with, oh yeah fellas this ones for you! enjoy!

This first look is super cool, really simple and sporty. All white with red gloves gives the look a pop of color. The vest he has on has major details, like the classic 'LV' imprint all over, but the pockets alone on this vest are amazing as it serves a fanny pack. I wanted to stay clear of paring any jewelry that would distract details on the vest, that is why I chose the Barcode Mask and the Open Triangle Pocket Chain, a mask avoids taking away from the look, with the silver pocket chain just serving as a small statement piece going with the all white outfit.


Open Triangle Pocket Chain

This next look is CRAZY summer vibes! The fluorescent yellow, and printed pants are super statement colors, where you don't need many jewels to accessorize. I kept it real simple with pairing the Mistfit Chain Sash on this outfit, a thick bold silver chain to bring the look together, without drawing attention away from the colors.

Misfit Chain Sash

RED HOT! if its one color i'm seeing a lot more people wear as a whole look, its red, and it is working! This color screams so many things, but the outfit screams louder. The statement piece of this look is definitely the jacket. This paring was easy to say the least, with the Sangre Kunoichi Mask and the Redondo Belt enhancing the whole red mood this outfit has without overdoing or overpowering whats already going on.

 Sangre Kunoichi Mask

Redondo Belt

This look is a bit more fun, pairing the two fluorescent blue and orange colors together was a really good idea, the orange vest pops the most, and this was a fun match up. This look called for the simple Blade Earring, and the Three Stacks Pocket Chain nothing to crazy but something cool enough to notice.

Blade Earring

Three Stacks Pocket Chain

Who doesn't love an all black outfit? This black jumpsuit outfit would pair very nicely with our Kunoichi Negra Mask and/or No Utility Sash. The accessories paired with this outfit will help it stand out and shine just little bit more.

Kunoichi Negra Mask

No Utility Sash

Here are a few pics of men rocking #VidaKush

How would you pair/style #VidaKush with your mens outfits? Don't forget to tag us in all your #VidaKush looks this summer!


Author: Nandi George

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