Juicy Heart Ball Chain Necklace Becomes Remi Wolf's Signature Tour Style

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Meet us at the Disco!

We recently collaborated with the incredibly talented singer-songwriter, Remi Wolf. As she embarks on her Big Ideas Tour, we had the honor of working with stylist Natalie Smithson to curate the perfect accessories for Remi's stage performances, ensuring she shines as the coolest 'Cinderella' on stage.

Remi Wolf, known for her vibrant energy, has been captivating audiences with her raspy voice and stage presence. When stylist Natalie Smithson approached us with the vision of completing Remi's tour accessories, we were so excited to be a part of such a special project.

One of Remi's favorite pieces from our collection, the Juicy Heart Ball Chain Necklace, quickly became a staple in her tour wardrobe. This statement necklace has been spotted on Remi an impressive 9 times and counting! The necklace is the perfect touch of silver and looks good every time. 

It's always a thrill for us to see our jewelry pieces making their way onto big stages and being worn by incredibly talented artists like Remi Wolf. The Juicy Heart Ball Chain Necklace is a perfect stage piece as it reflects lots of light,  complementing Remi's eclectic style. This piece is for all the stylish souls out there that exude confidence and helps other find their own. 

Thank you to stylist Natalie Smithson for entrusting us with Remi's tour accessories and to Remi Wolf for embracing our pieces and making them a part of her signature style. 

As Remi continues to wow audiences on her Big Ideas Tour, you can shop her look on the website HERE

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