Nina Mohan Accessorizes Her South Asian Outfits With VidaKush

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BuzzFeed Blogger Nina Mohan gets ethnic in her latest video "I Only Wore South Asian Clothes For A Week". In this video Nina challenges herself to only wear clothes made and designed by people from South Asia. Being Sri Lankan, Nina predominantly wore South Asian clothes to family "functions" as she describes them. For this BuzzFeed experiment, Nina wanted to find some way to incorporate her culture into her everyday fashion and on this small journey she chose to accessorize with some #VidaKush. 

With a self-described style of "comfort with a little bit of coolness" Nina definitely stepped out of her comfort zone with her outfits. Most South Asian outfits are very bright, colorful and incorporate sophisticated sex appeal. Before starting the experiment Nina anticipated people's stares and claims she "want[ed] to shrink up into a ball and die". Two days into the experiment Nina had been receiving many compliments. At a PR event one evening, a colleague said her outfit was something he "didn't know about" and that she was "committed" to the "modern traditional" look she had going on. By the end of the night Nina definitely had much more confidence than she did before the experience. After the PR event Nina pridefully exclaimed "if you're going to look at me, and I'm going to know that I look good so like, yeah, bring it on, keep on looking, it's a good look!"

Outfit #3 was obviously very fun one for Nina, usually the outfits she wears show off and accentuate her legs but she wore a fabulous pair of "billowing" pants, as she describes. Doubling up on her texture game, this look was something she was not use to yet she definitely pulled it off. Nina accessorized this look with the Plain Arm Chain. A very subtle piece, that brought together the look she was trying to achieve. This day Nina's coworkers couldn't help but to touch her textures, and compliment her bright colors. She realized how empowering it is to wear clothes that represent her culture, saying that is makes her feel like a "superhero." She ended the day saying, "today was a good example of her stepping out of her comfort zone was something that people responded positively to, and it encourages her to step out of her comfort zone more."

"Holy S**t, I look like a princess, I look like a Sri-Lankan princess!" Nina says very confident and surprised, in one of her last outfits. She strutted around in a beautiful gown-like two piece for the weekend, and surprised her boyfriend with the mini makeover, judging by the look on his face, Nina definitely had a glow in this gown. She chose to accessorize this look with the Evil Eye Tika Head Jewelry, due to the fact that the evil eye is a very popular and important symbol within South Asia. It was beautiful to watch Nina's confidence blossom in these outfits throughout the course of the whole video, a real treat to watch! The reactions of her colleagues and peers goes to show what happens when take pride in your culture through fashion and accessories.

Would you try this experiment #VidaKush babes? How would you accessorize your cultural outfits? Don't forget to tag us in your cultural looks for the Summer!

Author: Nandi George

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