Embrace What Yo Mamma Gave Ya, VidaCurvy is Here!

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Every Body Rejoice! The newest body positive jewelry line just launched, VidaCurvy is flattering for every shape and size. Shop the collection and get inspired by our favorite blogger babes on how they style their VidaCurvy pieces. 


La'shaunae is the no f**ks given caption writer behind @luhshawnay which is undoubtedly one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow. She is an aspiring model, body positive enthusiast and the unofficial clap back queen! 👏🏿  👑 
Check out some of her inspiring quotes here:
"I am out here representing for all of the young alternative fat girls who do not see girls in magazines or stores that look like them."
"We need more stores that care about us and not just thin people. We deserve to slay. We deserve to look amazing and to feel amazing always."

La'shaunae is pictured wearing the VidaCurvy Sadgirl Nameplate Choker

La'shaunae is pictured wearing theVidaCurvy 8-Ball Choker.

Natalie Johnson

Natalie Johnson is the content creator behind Shameless Creature and a plus size fashion favorite who shows off her daily #OOTD photo on her Instagram page @hentai.hunny.
Check out her review on the new VidaCurvy line here:
"If you think finding trendy plus size clothing is hard, try finding accessories. I'm extremely grateful to companies that think of EVERYONE when creating products. #vidacurvy features pieces that are customizable so anyone can pull a loook 👸🏻""
Natalie Johnson is pictured wearing the VidaCurvy ChainMail Belt which perfectly compliments her curves and gothic glam look she is serving up.


Shop VidaCurvy or shoot us an email if you would like a custom made piece. We are happy to make any sizing adjustments to any jewelry from our current collection.
Don't be shy, send us a comment and let us know what products from our main line VidaKush, you would like to see added to the VidaCurvy section.

Sound off below!

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