Artist Behind Our Sticker Steez

Posted by Rhianna Cooper on

Meet Amna Basheer, the artist behind all the stickers we've been posting about. She moved straight to LA from India at eighteen and has been inspired by the city's hustle ever since. 

She is currently an animation student, live paints at events and freelances as an illustrator. Her work is diverse, versatile and provocative af. Click here to check out more of her work on her instagram!

Rhianna Cooper, the owner of Vidakush, came to Amna with the idea of henna hands flashing different signs. She ran with it and what was supposed to be a couple of new sticker designs blew up into a full blown set. BTW, all the bling illustrated here is available right here on the site!

To All you stoner girls out there, Smoking Roses and Light 'Em Up is a nod in your direction. Stay chill babes, you the man.

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