VidaKush is on Love Island!

Posted by Rhianna Cooper on

The hot new bombshell has entered the building...Antigoni!!

Antigoni Buxton is a singer/songwriter from London, who was featured on the hit TV show Love Island Season 8. Lucky for us, she is a VidaKush fan. The picture below shows her wearing the Custom Number Necklace in the year she was born. She is wearing it sweet and simple, allowing it to be the center of attention, just like it deserves. I mean who isn't obsessed with the year they were born!?

Whether you want to buy this piece for yourself, or for a loved one with their birth year, it is the perfect gift for anyone who loves unique and customizable jewelry staples. 

Anniversary coming up? Or maybe a graduation? This custom year necklace will freeze time for all the amazing and monumental moments of life. I can tell you right now your girlfriend will love it! 

Check Antigoni out, on the hit show Love Island or any music platform to hear her latest songs! 

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