Scarlett Tour X VidaKush

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ATTENTION! The Women on the Streets are Painting the Town Red with diamonds from Agora Hills to the VidaKush office to the 2023 Doja Cat stage for her Scarlett Tour. Now let's break it down. 

Our beloved brand recently got the opportunity to embark on a collaborative venture at to contribute with the creative performances behind Doja Cat's Scarlet Tour costume design. This impactful collaboration materialized when stylist Ann-Marie, confidante to VidaKush's proprietor Rhianna, sought our expertise for elevating the style quotient of the tour's backup dancers. Entrusted to our skilled artisans under the discerning eye of Doja Cat's stylist, Brett Alan Nelson, we were tasked with the meticulous creation of the dancer's accessories – from footwear to pocket chains and all additional jewelry – for the entire ensemble of 11 dancers.

Our office became a hub of creative ingenuity, housing an array of materials ranging from shoes, boots, beads and charms to all kinds of supplies like lace, paint pens and different colored charms and pendants. Each shoe was intricately crafted with an array of colors, refined details like song lyrics and lace, all inspired by Doja Cat herself and the amazing drawings and designs of her creative team. The controlled chaos within our workspace manifested as we methodically incorporated jewelry, paint, and personalized elements into the boots and sneakers. A week later, Ann-Marie personally collected these handcrafted pieces, and made the journey to Las Vegas for the dress rehearsal to confirm the looks and try them on the dancers for the first time. Rhianna, accompanied her in an extra effort to carefully sew supplementary pieces onto the garments, ensuring resilience to the dynamic energy of the choreography. 

As the tour unfolded, our collaborative efforts took center stage, capturing the essence of Doja Cat's artistic vision. VidaKush team members were gratified to witness our craftsmanship seamlessly blending with the dancers' vibrant outfits. The second outfit change notably featured our detailed and colorful shoes, exemplifying the dedication and artistry inherent in each creation. The synchronization of fashion and music was not merely a visual spectacle but a demonstration of the fruitful partnership between VidaKush and Doja Cat. Each bead, charm, and stitch played a pivotal role in this captivating fusion of style and sound, contributing to an unforgettable chapter in our brands history. Explore these exclusive creations inthe photos below and witness the magic that was showcased on stage.


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