Playing with PLAYBOY

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The Queen Bee of VidaKush strikes again! Our bestie Anne-Marie looking gorgeous as ever in the 2021 Playboy campaign! In the photos, she rocks the 456 Ring and Horoscope Honey Ring making this household name even cooler!

If you aren't familiar with Playboy, they are known for their sexy photo spreads that catch the eyes of people around the world. The infamous magazine stopped printing in 2020 but the iconic bunny ears are here to stay. Recently their merchandize has been a huge hit and the name Playboy has become a 'crowd pleaser' once again. Remember that your 'comfort zone' will kill you, and VidaKush is here to help you be bold and own your style! Don't worry we won't let you be the 'one that got away.' We got your back, don't Play with us! 


Photos by: Sara Zaher


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