On the Bichota Tour stage next to the Karol G!

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We recently had the incredible opportunity to collaborate on a HUGE project!

Our talented stylist friend, Ann-Marie, asked us to help her create all sorts of amazing accessories for Karol G's backup dancers for her Bichota Tour. The  challenge of this endeavor truly ignited our excitement and creativity!

Our task? To infuse the back up dancers' ensembles with the vibrant, eclectic energy of Y2K, Anime, and Kawaii styles. We were up for the challenge, ready to bring a playful, nostalgic vibe to the stage. From custom shoes to leg warmers, hats, ties, necklaces, belts, pocket chains, and even goggles, we left no accessory behind.

We dove into our treasure trove of arts and crafts supplies to decorate these pieces. Big diamonds, sparkles, charms, key chains, lace, ribbon, and every other cute thing we could find! The meticulous details transformed each accessory into a unique work of art, ensuring the dancers' looks were cohesive yet distinctive.

See the photos below to see how all the tiny details made the outfits come together. Starting with the vision board that started it all. 

With just two weeks to design and craft looks for all 14 dancers, both men and women, we had to put the pedal to the metal. Our small business team worked around the clock, driven by the vision of seeing our creations shine on such a massive platform.

Ann-Marie, a powerhouse in the styling industry and a long-time bestie of our owner, teamed up with Brett Alan Nelson, who styled Karol G himself, to ensure the dancers perfectly complemented the singers style. Their guidance and vision were instrumental in bringing this project to life.


The final products were nothing short of spectacular. The dancers adored their new accessories, proudly showing them off on their personal Instagrams and, of course, on stage. Seeing our hard work sparkle under the spotlight was an incredibly rewarding experience.

We’re so proud of this collaboration and grateful for the chance to shine on such a big stage! It’s not every day you get to contribute to a project of this magnitude, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results.

Thank you, Ann-Marie and Brett Alan Nelson, and a huge shoutout to Karol G and her incredible dancers for making our accessories look absolutely stunning on stage.


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