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saHayley Kioyko is a woman of many talents and VidaKush loves to help her shine even brighter! With two albums of her own and just completing a US and UK tour, there is no sign of her slowing down. The Los Angeles native is also a successful actress and has been featured in multiple motion pictures and TV series like Lemonade Mouth and The Fosters. If you are familiar with her music you may know her billboard-charting single Girls like Girls. The music video for the song went viral and fans went crazy over the heartfelt love story. Keeping the momentum high, she based her debut novel, Girls like Girls, off the musical romance and fans loved it! Keeping the new author on New York Times Best-Sellers list for two weeks in a row.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's talk about how VidaKush and Hayley's world's collided. It all started a few years ago when Ann-Marie was her stylist. If you follow our brand you may know by now that our founder Rhianna Cooper and Ann-Marie are best friends. This sparked the connection between the star and the brand. 

Hayley wearing the Chain Mail Choker, and Ankh Charm Choker  and 100k Gold Ring. Styled by Ann-Marie Hoang

Hayley wearing the Harpers Chain Link Choker

As things change, so do opportunities. When the star started working with the very talented stylist Katie Qian the connection only grew. With the release of her new album Panorama (out on all platforms), Katie reached out to us knowing she needed jewelry that would be seen on stage. VidaKush just released the Alphabet Cereal Necklace  and thought it was the perfect opportunity to present these to Hayley with her initial's!

These cute and chunky letters were a hit! Hayley kept them for her personal collection and came back for more. With "Panorama" being the center of inspiration for her tour we decided that would be the best word to customize the Alphabet Cereal Word Necklace with. Keeping the alphabet cereal trend because its LOUD and PROUD!

Soon tour merch developed into PRIDE merch! Hayley celebrated pride month and played in multiple cities including DC and San Fransisco. Creating rainbow jewelry was a fun project in the office and we were so happy to see it translate on stage. Many of the items were custom, but we got inspiration from the Cielo Nocturno Choker and Rainbow Brite Choker

VidaKush is honored to partner and work with such a positive influence in the entertainment and LGBTQ+ community that we are so happy to support. We are currently working with Hayley and her team on new projects that we cannot wait to share with everyone. Keep an eye out, especially if you are a fan of Girls like Girls...*hint hint*

 If you haven't gotten a copy of the book already, you can grab it HERE. 


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