Becky G Sparkles on every Stage!

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At VidaKush, we're overjoyed to share the spotlight with the incredible and vibrant artist, Becky G. Known for her powerhouse performances and trendsetting style, Becky G has become a muse for celebrity stylists Morgan Pinney and Kate Li, who frequently turn to us to craft bespoke pieces that complement her dynamic stage presence. In this harmonious collaboration, we've had the pleasure of adorning Becky G with custom sparkly pocket chains that seamlessly integrate with her athletic aesthetic, making her performances even more dazzling.

Becky G's love for pocket chains has become a signature element of her style, and at VidaKush, we've embraced the opportunity to contribute to this iconic look. For her recent tour and various stage appearances, including standout performances at Mañana Será Bonito Tour with Karol G. Here you can see the pocket chain added to her dissembled jean skirt and jeans for the perfect amount of shine! 


The custom sparkly pocket chains were meticulously designed to capture the lights on stage, and reflect the passion and intensity that she brings to every show. Each time we slightly change the design to keep them all unique. Even her look-a-like-dolls are rockin' the Multi-layered Sparkle Pocket Chains! 

As Becky G continues to captivate audiences around the world, VidaKush is honored to be part of her journey. The collaboration with Morgan Pinney and Kate Li, who have an impeccable eye for style, has allowed us to contribute to the creation of unforgettable moments on stage. Together, we celebrate the fusion of music and fashion, where each custom piece tells a story and adds a touch of brilliance to the artist's narrative. As we continue to craft pieces that resonate with Becky G's dynamic persona, we look forward to being a part of her future artistic endeavors. Check out the rest of out Pocket Chain Collection HERE! 


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