Vegan Nameplate Anklet

Vegan Nameplate Anklet

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Color Gold

Are you so over having to explain the way you eat at group birthday dinners? And always having to ask the waiter for plant-based options on the menu? Ever go to brunch and end up only eating sliced tomato and avocado? Say no more! Let them read. It's loud. It's proud.! That self-control you're practicing is no freaking joke! If you have stuck to a vegan diet, whether it's for your health of the rights of animals or whatever your reason, you DESERVE this stylish piece as a badge of honor for all of your accomplishments! 

Also, for all you "I'm a vegan on the weekends" kind of people, wear this baby around your neck for some extra encouragement when all the die-hards try and call you out on your sh**! It'll keep you humble.

"It's not just a way you eat, it's a lifestyle..."

*Adjustable Anklet with 1" extension chain

*18K Gold or Sterling Silver Plated Finish

*Handmade in Los Angeles

**no animals were harmed in the making of this.