Mini Green Goddess Necklace

Mini Green Goddess Necklace

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Infomercial Guy: Are you tired of your outdated and old jewelry?

Me: YES!

Infomercial Guy: Are you absolutely annoyed that you can't find any jewels to match you inner goddess?

Me: F*&@# YES!

Infomercial Guy: Well you're in luck! With this new Mini Green Goddess choker you'll be the talk of the town, all you'll need is a crown to match and people will bow down! Order now!

Me: *conscience kicks in* Ugh, I probably don't need this...

Infomercial Guy: BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Your probably thinking, "Well, do I really need this?"

Me: ...

Infomercial Guy: YOU DO!

Me: 😍😍 He gets me *whips out credit card*

*Handmade in Los Angeles

*18K Gold Plated