Delusional. Nameplate Necklace

Delusional. Nameplate Necklace

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When being delulu is the solulu pop this baby on and keep dreamin'! Sometimes the real world is too harsh and its easier to keep your head in the clouds! 

Materials: 18K Gold Plating, Brass, Hypo-allergenic.

Length: 14" Necklace with 2" extension chain (Sizes Available)
Pendant Dimensions: 2"

Care: Our jewelry is designed to be water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about taking it off when you're near water. However, we recommend limiting prolonged exposure to water to keep your jewelry looking its best. When you're not wearing your pieces, we suggest storing them in a soft pouch or jewelry box to help maintain their luster and extend their lifespan.

Handmade in Los Angeles