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Chakra Body Chain

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Product image 5Chakra Body Chain

Regular price $75.00

18K or Sterling Silver plated chakra gemstone body chain.  We matched a gemstone to each of the seven Chakras.

Size based on waist

Small: 24"-25"

Medium: 26"-27"

Large: 28"-29"

X-Large: 30"-32"

We now offer a VidaCurvy option for the Chakra Body Chain! It will be adjustable 34"-40" for VidaCurvy +1, 41"-47" for VidaCurvy +2, 48"-54" for VidaCurvy +3 (If you need it longer, please email us at vidakushcustomerservice@gmail.com and we'd be happy to accommodate.)

Crown Chakra (Spiritual) Rose Quartz- Love, brings peace and calm, forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion for ourselves and others.

3rd Eye Chakra (Perception) Amethyst- Protection, healing, spiritual wisdom.

Throat Chakra (Expression) Sapphire- Stone of destiny, symbol of heaven and devotion.

Heart Chakra (Love) Peridot- Stone of lightness and beauty, protects against negative emotions.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Power) Citrine- Opens the mind to new thoughts, promotes clarity.

Sacral Chakra (Sex) Orange Carnelian- Gives energy and sense of humor, calms temper.

Root Chakra (Survival) Ruby- Most powerful gem in the universe.  Symbol of friendship, love, vitality, and royalty.  Gives the courage to be the best potential a person has.

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