BO$S¥ Tramp Stamp Belly Chain

BO$S¥ Tramp Stamp Belly Chain

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Manny from Degrassi did it first, but we did it better.

Do you want to try the whole thong sticking out of your low rise jeans early 2000s comeback trend but would rather do without the wedgie? Do you want to look a little more chic next to your homegirls in their fashion nova 3 pc sets? Do you want to look cute from the front but like a freak from behind? Have you always wanted a butterfly tramp stamp but don't want to regret it like your one "funky" aunt? Look no further, we got you.  The BO$S¥  Tramp Stamp Belly Chain is simply the most elegant way to highlight your best assets. Wear it in the pool, at the beach, with low rise jeans or during a good old fashioned thirst trap.

*Adjustable (sizes available)

*18K Gold Plated or Sterling Silver Plated

*Handmade in LA