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Poison Ivy Bra

Product image 1Poison Ivy Bra
Product image 2Poison Ivy Bra
Product image 3Poison Ivy Bra
Product image 4Poison Ivy Bra
Product image 5Poison Ivy Bra
Product image 6Poison Ivy Bra
Product image 7Poison Ivy Bra
Product image 8Poison Ivy Bra

Regular price $250.00

Poison Ivy is an enemy as well as a lover. She is dedicated to plants and uses their toxicity in her own bloodstream for her criminal activities, (which are usually used to protect the worlds natural environment). Our Poison Ivy Bra is meant to give you the same powers that she felt. Our hope is that you put on our Poison Ivy Bra and feel the need to save the environment... and look bomb while doing so. 

*100% Genuine Leather

*Handmade in Los Angeles

*One of a Kind Piece

*Adjustable and will fit 32-36" bust cup size A-C

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