Real Hot Girl Drip

Posted by Tatiana Kalish on

Last week our favorite Hot Girl released the official music video for her song "Cry Baby" featuring Da Baby, and every one of her dancers were dolled up and decked out in some VK drip.



 Multiple songs from her latest album have been viral hits, and every video release pushes each song back up to the top of the charts. All of her videos include paramount dance choreography that translates into viral TikTok dances and gives the song further reach. Meg Thee Stallion, needless to say, is one boss a$$ b!tch!



Being self-proclaimed Hot Girls, we love to see our jewels on screen, side by side with the Thee Hot Girl get on your Hot Girl sh!t and check out our pieces in the vid!

Styled by: Ann-Marie Hong (@mstr_of_disguise)


Featured Pieces:

Gold Scallop Belt 

Pearl Chokers - Freak Pearl Nameplate Choker / Pearl Custom Number Choker


Corazon Choker

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