Hashtag, Jewelry Has No Gender

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“Do you have men’s jewelry?”, "Do you have anything specifically for men?”, “I want to buy something for my boyfriend, where are your men’s items?”, "I love this, but i don't think it will fit me."  These question and statements are asked every Sunday at the Melrose Trading Post, in our comments and DMs, and even left in notes on orders. 

From the beginning VidaKush has been about inclusivity.  Our only mission is to create what we haven’t seen before, with physical items and visual representation.  At VidaKush nothing is ever made with the intention of being just for men, just for women or one size fits all.  We love and embrace differences and pride ourselves on helping everyone shine their brightest. 

"If it fits and it's fly, that's all that matters" - @jendaddypurple


Jewelry is all about self-expression.  It’s used to show off the different sides of your personality, make you feel powerful, and give you a confidence boost.  Here at VidaKush we are constantly giving the middle finger to those outdated gender norms that often result in toxic masculinity and femininity.  We offer customizable sizes, lengths, and pieces to help you convey whatever statement you want to make.

 "Jewelry helps express my uniqueness i think.  I vary in my styles and some outfits warrant more jewelry to accent and some are minimal.  But more often than not i like more jewelry like rings, anklets, bracelets and necklaces." - @mijostreetz

We live in a world beyond just he and she.  Assuming someone’s gender preference based off their name or what they appear to be only makes an ass out of you.  Don’t be an ass, get comfortable with pronouns.  If you’re not sure ask, if you get it wrong apologize, respect and refer to them as such from that moment on, if you don’t understand, educate yourself.  All of our jewelry is non binary and transcends across the spectrum.

"My pronouns are he/him.  I feel power when i break the molds and rules that society puts up for us and being able to express myself in a creative, artistic, authentic, fearless, risky and free way" - @jacquesclaudesader


Gender norms push outdated rules that only perpetuate gender-specific behaviors, that do more harm than good to people of all genders.  Who says only women can be pretty or only men can be handsome?  The fluidity in our jewelry makes each piece reciprocal no matter how femme or rugged you may be feeling.        

"My style is very fluid.  I love ridiculous album covers.  Seeing David Bowie and Prince in crazy outfits and poses really inspires me.  I love 80's punk bands.  And just that feel the Ramones and those angsty vibes." - @renegferry

"For me its more time periods.  I like a mixture of everything.  I love pieces from the 40s and classic suits of the 80s.  I always wear women's cuts.  My trousers and suits are all women's cuts.  We share closets a lot of the time" - @kristianpunturere


There are no rules to jewelry and fashion.  Wear what makes you smile, what gives you power and what allows you to express yourself.


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