Lauren Collins

Posted by Rhianna Cooper on

VidaKush sells every week at the melrose trading post.  Last week, Lauren Collins, who played character "Paige" on the Canadian TV show "Degrassi", purchased the VidaKush Laughing Buddha Bracelet in black/white.  Here she is below:

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  • Lauren Alaina has such a beautiful voice it’s the one that some ppleoe only wish to have. I can’t believe some ppleoe call her fat she is not fat in the least bit. and it’s sad to think that some ppleoe in this world could criticize someone from the way they look. That just shows how disrespectful some ppleoe are, but they obviously say rude things because they are so unhappy with themselves. Lauren is going to go so far in her life, and this is just the beginning for her. She’s gorgeous, caring, and good-hearted. I’ve been a fan since day one. She never needs to stop believing in herself. Never.

    Zed on

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