Five Points Choker

Product image 1Five Points Choker
Product image 2Five Points Choker

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**Queue Jersey accent**          

Hey... HEY, I'm talkin' to yous! Tell me sweets, what kinda guy bought a nice girl such as yourself such a flashy piece o' jewelry? I mean you got diamonds, pearls, gold... let me treat ya to my family jewels whadd'ya say, sweets?                           

You: *Laughs in b*tch who bought her own Five Points Choker* "Wadd'ya" say I use all five of these points to scratch your voicebox out? :) 

*Not intended for use as a weapon 

*Adjustable Choker 12-14"

*Handmade in Los Angeles

*Available in 18K Gold Plated or Sterling Silver Plated Finishes

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