50/50 Body Chain

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If there is a 50/50 chance of survival for this duotone trend, you best believe the odds are ever in our favor. Cause why would you just choose one when you could have both? Just imagine if you never had to choose! Bella wouldn't have had to choose between Edward and Jacob, she could have had BOTH! Katniss could have had Peta AND Gale! So don't starve yourself of the things you desire, don't give yourself an ultimatum! Don't worry, you can have silver AND gold!

Size Based on Waist

   -Size Small: 25-26" 

   -Size Medium: 27-28"

   -Size Large: 29-30" 

   -Size XL: 31-32" 

*Handmade in Los Angeles

*18K or Sterling Silver Plated Finish

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